Class 10 AI Communication Skills Notes -3 | Communication Barriers


Class 10 AI Communication Skills Notes -3 | Communication Barriers

1. What is communication barrier?

A communication barrier is an obstacle that prevents the receiver from receiving and understanding a message.

2. What are the types of communication barriers?

There are three  types of barriers

  • Barriers related to formation of message
  • External barriers
  • Internal barriers

3. What are main barriers related to formation of message?

  • Lengthy or complicated message
  • Linguistic issues
  • Inconsistent Tone
  • Non verbal communication .

4. How do barriers of message formation occur?

These barriers occur due to problem in the formation of message.

5. What are internal barriers?

Internal barriers are those which are related to our state of mind.

6. What are external barriers?

Barriers that are outside our body and mind are called external barriers. For example noise, distance, physical disabilities etc.

7. Mention factors responsible for causing internal barriers during communication.

  • Poor listening skills
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of interest
  • Excitement

8. Why is it important to overcome communication barriers?

It is important to overcome communication barriers to ensure smooth and effective communication.

9. What care should be taken while giving feedback?

  • Feedback should be specific to a particular problem .
  • It  should be about the situation, not the individuals.
  • It must be on time.
  • It should be clear and understandable.

10. What are the ways to remove communication barriers?

  • Be clear.
  • Use a language that the person understands.
  • Communicate one thing at a time.
  • Respect a person’s desire not to communicate.
  • Check that the person has understood your message correctly.

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