Class 10 AI Communication Skills Notes -2 | Communication Cycle

Class 10 AI Communication Skills Notes -2 | Communication Cycle

1. What is communication cycle?

Communication cycle is the process in which sender sends a message to another person and receiver acknowledges and sends back a response.

2. What are principles of effective communication?

  • Language should be simple.
  • The aim of communication should be clear.
  • Communication should be to the point.
  • Information should be correct.
  • The sender should be polite.

3. What are elements of communication cycle?

Different elements of communication cycle are:

  1. Sender: Person who shares the information.
  2. Message: Information to be shared.
  3. Encoding: It refers to how sender wants to send message.
  4. Channel: It is the medium through which message is sent.
  5. Receiver: Person who receives the information.
  6. Decoding: It refers to how receiver interprets the message.
  7. Feedback: It is the response given by the receiver.

4. What is feedback?

It is the response given by the receiver after understanding the message.

5. What is importance of feedback?

  • It is required to continue the process of active communication.
  • It guides the sender to know how other perceive the information.
  • It results into effective listening.
  • It can motivate others.
  • It can help in improving performance.

6. What is descriptive feedback?

In descriptive feedback,  feedback is given in the form of written comments or verbal conversation.

7. What are advantages of descriptive feedback?

  • It enables you to assess yourself.
  • It provides useful information to students about their learning.

8. What are different factors essential for giving descriptive feedback?

  • Feedback should be goat oriented.
  • It should be user friendly.
  • Feedback should be given on time.
  • Feedback should be continous and consistent.

9. What is the difference between specific and non specific feedback?

Specific feedback provides detailed information about something specific as per the performance of a student or person.

Non Specific feedback provides vague information so it may not guide the student or receiver of feeback.

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