10 tips to learn new things faster

Tips to learn new things faster

10 tips to learn new things faster

Learning is a process that keeps on running throughout our lives.  But it is not always easy to learn something new which is unknown to us. This article has been specifically written to provide Tips to learn new things faster.

Students generally find it difficult to  learn new things when they get promoted to a new class or they need to learn those subjects which are totally new for them. For example, when students get promoted to class XI they need to study new subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics etc. which are new for them.

This problem is also seen in the professional world. In most of the organizations old employees find themselves unable to cope up with new technological advancements and changes in work environment. Due to which they get stressed and start disliking their jobs. There are few practical tips which can be implemented to learn new things faster.

Tips to learn new things faster

1. Make your mind

This is the first step towards learning something new. You need to make up your mind that you will learn new things in spite of how difficult they may appear to you. Without making up your mind it is almost impossible to learn anything new.

2. Believe in yourself

Self belief is very important in learning new things faster. You should have strong faith  that you have all the necessary abilities and  capabilities to learn new things faster.

3. Set goal with time limit

This is second very important step towards learning something new. You should set your learning goal with a time limit in your mind. This time limit should neither be short not too long. Short time limit may frustrate you during learning process as you may not cope up with the learning speed and long time limit can make you lethargic hence hindering the learning process.

4. Visualize the result

Visualizing the result can surely motivate you for learning new things faster. You must visualize in your mind what you will achieve after your learning gets completed. It may be promotion in your job, getting a scholarship, getting good marks or any other result you want to achieve. This visualization must be done on regular basis. It will help you to remain stick to your learning goal.

5. Self Motivation

Once you start learning something new, you may get frustrated or dishearted many times due to problems and obstacles you may face during learning process. In such a case, only you can motivate yourself in spite of all problems. You can take help of self motivational books, websites or Youtube videos to motivate yourself.

6. Find an expert

This is one of the best ways to learn something new. An expert of the subject can definitely help you to learn things faster. An experienced person can provide you trips, tricks and shortcuts so that you can achieve your learning target quickly and easily.

He can understand your problems easily and give you ready-made solutions which you may otherwise find difficult to find. Online experts are also available these days. You can find experts and teachers of almost every subject at www.teacheron.com.

7. Find resources

You may take help of existing books written on the subject you want to learn. You can search required content online using search engines like google.com and bing.com.

In the world of Information technology, everything is available on internet. Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites that contains information on almost each and every subject.

You can search Youtube as it contains detailed videos on each and every subject and topic. There are proper free tutorials available on YouTube which you can watch and learn new things while sitting at home.

www.udemy.com  is a very popular platform where you can learn almost everything for free or small payment.

There are certain free and paid websites and tutorials available on internet which can surely help you to learn something new faster. www.w3schools.com is a very popular website providing free tutorial on any computer related topic.

You can ask your queries on any topic at www.quora.com. Registered experts on different subjects available on quora.com who provide you free answers and advise for your required queries.

8. Revision 

Revision of what you learn is very important. Our brain forgets most of the things if we don’t revise what we have learnt. So practicing what you have learnt must be done on regular basis so you don’t forget things learnt earlier.

9. Remain stress free

Stress is the enemy of learning. It is impossible to learn something new if you are stressed. Stress doesn’t allow your brain to learn new things. So you need to be calm and stress free if you want to learn something new faster.

10. Meditation

Meditation relaxes brain and muscles which make you calm which further helps you to learn things fast and easily. It also activates certain areas of brain which are responsible for high order logical thinking and remembering things for a longer time.


In this article, different tips to learn new things faster have been provided .  These tips include making up your mind for learning, believing in yourself, setting a learning goal with a proper time limit to learn new thing, visualization of the outcome or reward you will receive after learning, self motivation,  finding resources and subject expert who can help you to achieve your leaning goal, revision of what you have learnt. keeping yourself stress free and meditation can surely help you to learn new things faster.

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