What is a variable in C++ | Declaration of variables in C++ 

variables in C++

What is a variable in C++

A variable is the name given to some memory location . Variable can change its value during the execution of a C++ program.

Rules to define a variable in C++  

– Alphabets and digits both can be used.

– Variable must start with an alphabet or underscore.

–  Digits can appear only after first character.

– No special character except underscore can be used.

– Keywords can’t be used to declare variables.

– Spaces are not allowed.

– Capital letters and small letters are considered different.

Examples of valid variable names:

Studentname,  father_name ,  rank1  ,  distance           

Examples of invalid variable names:

1st   [ First character is a digit ]

float [ float is a keyword ]

$500  [$ is a special character ]

student name [Space not allowed ]

Declaration of variable in C++ 

The syntax for declaring a variable in C++ is

<type> v1,v2,v3,……….;

type is any valid data type of C++.

v1, v2, v3 are variables names..


int a,b; 

float sal; 

Initialization of variables in  C++

Initialization is to to assign some value to the variable during declaration.


int a=1,b=2;    // Two variables a and b are initialized with values 1 and 2.

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