Tips for creating a secure password

Tips for creating a secure password

Do you use passwords? If your answer is yes you must read  this article and implement the given Tips for creating a secure password.

What is a password?

A password is a combination of characters used to verify a user during the authentication process.

Authentication is the process  of  verifying whether the user trying to log onto a system is valid or not.

Passwords are generally not visible while we type them. They generally appear as bullets.

They are mostly used along with a username.

Passwords are supposed to be known only to the user and allow the user to get access to a computer, mobile phone or some other device, software or a website.

Tips for creating a secure password are:

  • Never use your name as password.
  • You must avoid name of your spouse, kids or pet.
  • Password can contain alphabets, digits as well as special characters.
  • Avoid sequence of characters like 12345 or ABCDE.
  • Phone number should not be used.
  • One must not use Date of birth as password.
  • It should always contain more than 7 characters.
  • You should use combination of alphabets (capital letters as well as small letters), digits and special characters while creating a password. You can also include space in your password.

Security Measures:

You should keep following points in your mind to keep password safe.

1. Never share your password

You should never share your password with anyone as it may be cracked or misused.

2. Don’t write your password

It is a common practice that people write their passwords on some diary or notebook. It is not safe to keep your password like this.

3. Don’t keep same password for all accounts

It is generally seen that people keep same password for of their e-mails , bank accounts and all others types of accounts. It is always risky to use same password in such a way. If some one is able to crack your password, he will automatically get access to all of your accounts.

4. Change your password regularly

You should keep changing your password at regular intervals. This will keep you safe as if someone is able to crack one password, he will not be able to use it for a longer time.


This article  provides Tips for creating a secure password.

Tips have also been provided to keep your password safe.


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