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CBSE class X sample papers


Class X Sample Papers English-1 English-2 English-3 Science-1 Science-2 Science-3 Social Science-1 Social Science-2 Social Science-3 Information and communicative Tecnology-1 Information and communicative Tecnology-1 Hindi-1 Hindi-2 Hindi-3 Mathematics-1 Mathematics-2 Mathematics-3 Punjabi-1 Punjabi-2 Punjabi-3 Related Links Class XII Sample Papers Class XI Sample Papers

CBSE class XI sample papers 2020


Class XI Sample Papers 2020 English Core-1 English Core-2 English Core-3 Accounts-1 Accountancy-2 Accountancy-3 Business Studies-1 Business Studies-2 Business Studies-3 Economics-1 Economics-2 Economics-3 Physics-1 Physics-2 Physics-3 Chemistry-1 Chemistry-2 Chemistry-3 Biology-1 Biology-2 Biology-3 Entreprenuership Geography-1 Geography-2 Geography-3 Hindi-1 Hindi-2 Hindi3 History-1 History-2 History3 Mathematics-1 Mathematics-2 Mathematics-3 Music-1 Physical Education-1 Physical Education-2 Physical Education-3 Political Science-1 Political …