7 Tips to stay safe on social media

Tips to stay safe on social media

Do you use social media apps like facebook, instagram, whatsapp or other such app?
If your  answer is yes, you must read this article.

This article provides tips to stay safe on social media. Social media is such a platform which is popular among all age groups especially teenagers and school students. People keep on posting their personal photographs, videos and other information on social media websites and apps like facebook, instagram, whatsapp etc.

While using social media applications, you can keep few things in mind to keep yourself safe on such platform. Tips to stay safe on social media platform are.

1. Privacy Settings

All social media apps including facebook, instagram and whatsapp have security features. You can use these security features to keep yourself safe on social media platform.

Almost every social media application provides feature of privacy settings.  You can use this feature to specify who can see your profile, send you friend request and many other such settings.

On facebook you can click here to apply privacy and other security settings.

On instagram you can click here to apply security settings.

Whatsapp  security settings  can be applied by clicking here.

2. Don’t accept all friend requests

Don’t accept all friend requests you receive on your social media profile. You must verify the sender before making someone friend on such websites. As fake profiles are also made by many people on such platform.

3. Don’t share your phone number

Social media apps like facebook also ask you for your phone number which can be seen by anyone in your friend list or others if security settings are not applied.

So  it is better to avoid saving your mobile number as it can be  misused by others. E-mail is considered secure in such environment.

4. Don’t share personal information

It is better for you not to share much personal information that may include your address, phone number, credit card number, date of birth and other such information.

This information can be used to hack your social media account.

I recently saw a news on an internet news website that a lady shared on facebook that she was going out for picnic with all here family members for two days. When she returned back she was shocked to see that there was a theft in her house.  Information shared by her on facebook invited burglars.

It is not a good habit to share your pictures along with your family members especially kids on regular basis as they may be misused by others.

5. Keep a strong password

You must keep strong password for your social media account. You can click here for know tips for creating a strong password.

If you  use social media app on your mobile phone it  is always better to keep it password protected so that others can’t use this app if you give your phone to them for some other use.

6. Avoid installing third party apps

Option to install third party apps like games and quizzes are provided  by facebook and other social media apps.

Some applications and  websites  also provide you option to log  on using facebook  account asking further to  access your personal  facebook  profile  and settings. It  is always better to avoid  such apps  and websites.

7. Log off the app

If using app on office  or public computer you should never forget to log off from your account. You should also log off from app if your personal computer  is used by multiple  users.

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This article provides tips  on how to stay safe on social media platform. These tips  include applying privacy settings, not accepting all friend requests, not  to  share your phone number  and other personal  information, keeping a strong password , keeping  your app protected on your smart phone,not  to install third part apps asking  to  access profile  information. You must log  off  the app after using it  to stay safe on social media platform.

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