How to save your mobile phone from hacking

Hacking is an act in which some one can get access to your mobile phone without your consent to steal your information or delete your precious data stored on your mobile phone mostly by using internet.

How to save your mobile phone from hacking

Tips which you must follow to save your phone from getting hacked.

1. Keep operating system of your phone upto date.

How to save your mobile phone from hacking

You must update your phone as and when you receive an alert on your phone “Update is ready”.

You must download and install the updates.

Hackers can easily spoil mobile phones  having out of date operating system. Installation of these updates make your phone more safe and secure.

2. Always download apps from Trusted sources

You should always download and install mobile apps from trusted sources. Android phone users should only download apps from Google Play Store and iphone users should only download apps from iphone App store Itunes.

Apps downloaded from other sources may contain vulnerable code to hack your mobile phone.

3. Set a Secure password

How to save your mobile phone from hacking

You should always set a very safe password or screen lock on your mobile phone. Whenever someone hacks your mobile phone, he has to crack the password of your phone.

4. Install App to control your phone remotely.

There are good number of apps available on Google Play store or iphone app store that allow you to remotely lock and delete data of your phone if it’s lost.

Find My Phone is very popular app for remotely controlling your phone.

Many antivirus softwares like QuickHeal  also have such features in them. Most of the latest phones come with such a feature preinstalled with them.

5. Disable all connections on your phone

How to save your mobile phone from hacking

It is always better to turn off your Bluetooth, WiFi hotspot and GPS when you are not using them as hackers can use them to get access to your Mobile phone.

6. Never use unsecured WiFi Network

How to save your mobile phone from hacking

You will always find free WiFi lucrative to use due to its high speed and no tarrif for internet but you must avoid using such unsecured WiFi networks because such networks can be used by hackers to get access to your phone and its data.

You should prefer to use secured WiFi internet connection. Secured WiFi connections always show sign of lock with WiFi symbol when you scan a WiFi network on your phone.

7.  Turn off Automatic login Feature

It is always convenient to save login information and passwords on your phone for different websites and apps but it is very risky because in case your phone is hacked by someone he will be able to get automatics access to all your accounts whose login information is saved on your phone.

So it is always advised to put your user name  and password every time you log on to some  app especially those apps that contain your bank details and confidential information.

8. Delete History, cookies and other data

It is advisable to delete browser history, cookies, cached data and other types of data automatically saved on your phone. This data can also be used to get information about your phone habits and data.


This article  provides tips on How to save your mobile phone from hacking. These tips include keeping phone operating system upto date, downloading mobile apps from Trusted sources, setting a secure password, installing mobile app to control your phone remotely, disabling all connections on your phone when not in use, never using unsecured WiFi Network , turning off automatic login to Apps and deleting history, cookies and other data.

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