Factors to consider while buying a smartphone

Factors to consider while buying a smartphone

Do you have a smart phone or you want to purchase smart phone?

If your answer is yes, you must read this article. It contains tips so that you become aware of various Factors to consider while buying a smartphone.

Smart phone is the need of today. We can’t imagine our life without it. They have made our life very comfortable and easy.

We can use it to make calls, send messages, chat with our friends. We use Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram to make friends at global level. We can do online shopping, banking, book railway or airline tickets and many such things on our phone.

Factors to consider while buying a smartphone

There is a big range of mobile phones available in market  with a lot of difference in their price. You must consider following points when you have to purchase mobile phone:

1. Processor

Processor  is the most important component of a Mobile Phone to be checked when you have to purchase mobile phone.

The speed of processor  is a major factor to determine the performance of a mobile phone. 

If you  need to edit online documents, videos or images, play heavy games, watch or download HD  videos, then phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821 processors are the best for you.

If your requirements are light in nature, you can also go with mobile phones having MediaTek processors.

2. RAM

RAM is second important features to be checked when you have to purchase mobile phone. RAM plays an important role in improving the performance of a  Mobile Phone.

It is the memory used for storing data and applications temporarily.  Smart phones with RAM of 1GB or more are available in market. Mobile phone with RAM of 4 GB perform better than 1GB.

3. Screen Size

Screen size is also an important factor while purchasing a Mobile Phone.  We perform a number  of activities on our phone on daily basis so small screen size results in strain on eyes. 

Screen size between 5 inches to 7  inches is comfortable size  if you regularly use your mobile phone for checking e-mails, working with social media and other such applications. Size more than 6 inches is very large to keep in your pocket.

4. Screen Resolution

You must check the highest resolution supported while purchasing a mobile phone. These days resolution of 1920 x 1080 or more is considered good to get proper display on smart phone screen. Different types of resolutions and their names have been given in the following table.

Resolution Names
True 4K

4096 x 2160

4K, Cinema 4K, True 4K
4K Ultra HD

3840 x 2160

4K, Ultra HD, 4K Ultra HD

2560 x 1440


1920 x 1080

Full HD, FHD, HD High Definition

1280 x 720

HD, High Definition

5. Material

Material of mobile is also an important factor while choosing a mobile phone  Mobile phones available in market are made of plastic or metal. Both of them save your mobile phone if you accidentally drop them.

6. Internal Memory

Internal memory is also an important component of a smart phone.  This memory is basically used to keep operating system, system files, mobile applications and other data.

It should be quite high if  you want to use your phone for a longer period of time due to increasing sizes of mobile applications and more downloading of data. Internal memory of 32 GB or more is sufficient if you want to purchase a new smart phone.

7. Operating System/Applications

Android and IOS are two most popularly used operating systems in smart phones all over the world. You should check that your smart phone contains the latest version of operating system so that all new applications can work on your phone.

Most of the smart phones come with preinstalled applications provided by manufacturer which may not be needed by you. Most of such apps can’t be uninstalled occupying unnecessary storage space on phone.  So you must check the phone for such apps before purchasing it.
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8. Battery Life

Battery is the life line of a mobile phone. Capacity of a battery is measure as Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh).  Larger the mAH , longer the battery will last.  Life of a battery depends upon the size of battery which may range between 2500mah to 4010mah.

Moreover, normal usage of phone makes the battery last for a longer period of time whereas heavy usage  drains the battery faster. Internet also plays a major role in battery drain. Generally, WIFI consumes more battery as compared to Mobile Internet connection.

Brightness of phone also affects the battery life. You should not use auto brightness mode. It is preferable  to  use low brightness to make your battery live longer.

9. Keyboard

There is no special Keyboard  on a smart phone. But phones with proper keyboards are available which are preferred by those who need to type a lot of text on their mobile phones. People who need to type e-mails and long text on their phones prefer such kind of phones.

10. Budget

This is the most important factor while purchasing  a mobile phone. The price of normal brand new mobile phone starts from Rs 800/-. You can purchase a good smart phone starting at Rs. 5000/-.  As the price increases, features of mobile phone also increase. So you need to spend more money if you want to purchase a mobile phone with better hardware and software features. iphones are one of the  most expensive smart phones.

11. Security Features

Our mobile phones contain our personal data and documents like images, videos or professional files. So our phone must have good security features so that our phones should not be misused in our absence or if it is lost.

Smart phones comes with security features like finger print or iris scanners. Pattern locks and password locks are available in every phone.

12. Slots for SIM

Most of the phones used all over the world are GSM phones. Such phones contain one or more slots for putting sim cards. It is a recommended that your phone must have at least two slots for SIM cards so that  you can have two different contact numbers.

13. Speakers & Headphones

You can use your mobile phone  for listening to songs, watching videos,playing games and use other multimedia applications. So your mobile phone should have good speakers with good sound quality and good volume.

Smart phones come with a set of headphones. You should check that the headphones should be soft for ear and have good sound quality. Microphone within the headphone should also be of good quality.

14. Camera

Most of the smart phones come with two cameras i.e front camera and back camera. Front camera is also known as Selfie camera and it is basically used for taking selfies and back camera is used for capturing other photographs.  Camera has different components needed for capturing good quality images. They  are:

a. Sensor:

Sensor is used to sense the light while capturing an image. If it senses more light, it will produce better images.  Large sensors sense  more light. So they product better images. An 8 Mega Pixel camera with a larger sensor can produce better images than an 15Mega Pixel camera with a smaller sensor.

Megapixel specifies number of pixels used by image when it is clicked by the camera. If camera has more pixels, it will produce images with better resolution.

b. Zoom 

This feature is used for capturing photos from far. it is of two types i.e. digital and optical.

Digital zoom is a software process that enlarges the image which may result in a blurred or unclear image.

Optical zoom is basically done by the hardware component named optic lens used to get a closer look.  It produces better zoomed images.

Best place to purchase mobile phone

To purchase mobile phone, you can visit popular websites like  Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues or other similar websites to compare prices and purchase  a phone. During festivals like Diwali, Christmas or New Year, you can save a lot of money as huge discounts are offered by these web sites.

You can also purchase mobile phone  from a local mobile shop as you can touch, feel and see working mobile phone  before purchasing it. You can also bargain the price.


In this article, information about different components of a mobile phone  has been given which must be properly checked when you have to purchase mobile phone. They include processor, RAM, internal memory, screen size ,resolution, body, battery, keyboard, speakers and headphones, security features, slots for SIMs, camera. Operating system and preinstalled applications must be checked while purchasing a mobile phone.

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