SQL using Oracle

This tutorial covers basics of SQL along with SQL functions, PL/SQL Basics, functions, packages, cursor, trigger.


SQL Data Types | Data types in Oracle


SQL Data Types Data type is the way to define the range and type of values that can be stored in a field. There are various data types provided by SQL. 1. NUMBER  This data type is used to store the numeric data . It may or may not include decimal point. The field of …

SQL and its types | Structured Query Language Types


What is SQL? SQL means structured Query Language. It is the default language of Oracle. It enables you to create and operate on relational database in which data is stored in the form of tables. SQL commands can be categorized into following types. DDL (Data Definition Language) DML(Data Manipulation Language) TCL (Transaction Control Language) DCL …

DDL commands of SQL | Create Table | Alter Table | Drop Table


Complexity: Standard

There are three DDL commands of SQL 1. Create Table This statement is used to create the structure of a table in Oracle. We can specify the various fields which are to be the part of the table as well  as their data types, size and range of values which can be stored in those …