9 Tips to avoid fear of public speaking

9 Tips to avoid fear of public speaking

The very important quality of a good leader is that he is a good orator. Speaking on stage or among a group of people is not easy for everyone as many people get nervous when they get a chance to speak publicly. There are certain unnecessary fears and hesitations which block one’s path towards public speaking. There are few tips which can be implemented to overcome fear of public speaking.

Tips to avoid fear of public speaking

1. Face your fear

“Face your fear to get rid of it”

Facing your fear is the only way to remove it. You can take help of your close friends or your family members especially old people like your grant parents and parents as they generally don’t judge you. You can speak before them so that you are able to overcome your fear.

You can also join a teaching job in a school where you can teach small children so that all your hesitations and fears disappear.

You can also give tuition to children of your area for free or for meager amount. This will also help you to overcome your fear of public speaking.

Later on you can address a professional group of people. In this way you will gradually become proficient in public speaking.

2. Prepare yourself

“Preparation will never let your fail”

It is always good to prepare yourself before speaking in public especially when you are going to address a group of people. Preparation helps you to remain focused on the subject that you want to speak about. Moreover it also helps you to find and use suitable words while delivering the content of your speech.

3. Record your speech

“Record your speech to know your language”

You can record your speech during practice. You can listen to this speech later by using head phones and check whether there is anything wrong in your speech. You can modify it if there is a need of that.

4. Practice before mirror

“Mirror never tells a lie”

This is one of the best techniques adopted by great orators. You can practice your speech before mirror before facing actual audience. You can see your face expressions, gestures and hand movements while practicing. Practicing this way will surely help you to gain confidence to face your audience.

5. Remain confident

“Confidence is the first step towards success”

Self confidence is a must before you address others. This confidence must appear on your face while you face people. Your body language should also display this confidence. You should convince your mind that your knowledge of the subject is better than your audience.

6. Remain calm

“Calmness always pays rewards”

You should try to remain calm while addressing people. If you are at peace while speaking you will be able to speak fluently. There may be few questions asked by audience which you may find offensive.You should not take them personally but you should answer such queries without getting hyper and loosing your mental balance.

7. Use simple words

“Simple words help to convey message properly”

There is no need to use complex words while addressing others. The purpose of any communication is to convey message so it is always good to use simple words of language so that your message is properly conveyed to your audience in very clear and crisp manner. Speech in simple words has a greater effect and it also stays in memory for a longer time.

8. Use Mother Language

“Mother language is easily understood by all”

Mother tongue is the language learnt by a person since his birth. So it is always good to speak in your mother language while speaking in public. Mother language is easily understood by your audience if they belong to your state or country. You can also use foreign language like English for such purpose if there is a specific need of that.

9. Meditation

“Meditation relaxes mind and body”

Meditation relaxes muscles of mind and body. So it  can make you relaxed and calm before getting ready to speak.  It also helps to keep away nervousness, fears and hesitations.


This article demonstrates different tips to overcome fear of public speaking. These tips include facing your fear, preparing yourself before speech ,  recording your speech and modifying it if needed, practicing before mirror, remaining calm and confident during speech.You can give your speech in mother language by using simple words to make your speech effective. Meditation can also help you to become calm and confident.

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