Simple if statement in C language


If Statement in C Language

It is a very useful decision making statement and it is used to control or alter the flow of execution of C language statements in a C Program.

It is categorized into four types:

  • Simple if statement
  • If else Statement
  • Nested if Statement
  • If else if ladder Statement

Simple if statement in C language

Simple if statement contains only one condition and a set of statements will be executed depending upon the output of condition. The syntax of simple if statement is:

Condition-Expression is comparison expression. If condition evaluates to be true, then Statements will execute. otherwise Statements will not execute.

Statements  refers to statements of C Language.


int main()
int a=10;
printf("number is -ve");
return 0;



In the above program, a is 10.  Condition a<0 is false so only printf(“\nEnd”) would be executed.

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