10 Tips to crack campus recruitment of IT company

10 Tips to crack campus recruitment of IT company

Do you want to know how to crack campus recruitment of IT company. If your answer is yes, you must read this article.

 After doing a diploma or degree in Computer Science or IT, every student dreams to crack campus recruitment of IT company and get selected in a good IT company where he can learn as well as earn so that he can grow in his life. It is always the best to get the job through campus placement drive because good salaries are offered by companies while recruiting students in their college.

crack campus recruitment of IT company

Students should prepare themselves well before appearing for campus placement drive. Most common skills to  crack campus recruitment of IT company are:

  • Resume
  • Aptitude
  • Programming Skills
  • DBMS skills
  • Communication skills
  • Self Confidence
  • Know the company
  • Interview

1. Resume

Your resume is the mirror of your achievements and academics. Tips for resume are:

  • You should be able to speak about every detail you have mentioned in the resume.
  • No wrong information should be mentioned in the resume as it may create problem during the interview.
  • You must elaborately explain the projects handled by you during your industrial training and workshops.
  • You must mention about additional certificates and awards received in co-curricular activities as well as sports.

It is always better to keep multiple copies of resume with you.

2. Aptitude

Every IT company conducts an aptitude test of students. Aptitude test is conducted to test problem solving skills of students.  It may contain questions related to

  • Logical reasoning
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • General mathematics (Upto Class IX and X).
  • General English

Moreover this test also checks the vocabulary  as well as language skills of the students. There are certain websites which can be used to test aptitude. They are:

3. Programming Skills

Most of the IT companies test programming skills of students. Each candidate must have good knowledge of C, C++ and Java. Knowledge of Python is an additional advantage as it is being termed as future language. Moreover Google is also promoting it. Other than programming, student must have knowledge of data structures as well as Operating system.

4. DBMS Skills

DBMS stands for Database Management System. Knowledge of Database systems is an additional advantage as data in any software or website is stored using some DBMS software like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL. One must be aware of:

  • SQL commands
  • Data types
  • Constraints
  • Granting and revoking privileges
  • Stored procedures.
  • Normalization and its types with practical examples.
  • Security and protection.
  • Backup and restore.
  • Distributed Databases.

Different websites to test your DBMS skills are:

5. Communication Skills

One must have good communication skills to get a job. One must be able to present himself before the perspective employer. It is always an advantage if one can speak English fluently. Tips for effective communication are:

  • Body language should be positive. Crossed arms or crossed legs give negative signal to the interviewer.
  • Pause must be taken while speaking .
  • Don’t interrupt the interviewers.
  • Don’t use the jargons while speaking.
  • Speak to the point.
  • Dress and talk must be professional.
  • You can ask questions from interviewers if you are not clear about certain aspects.

6. Self Confidence

One must be very confident while attending the interview. One should remain calm during interview only then he can answer correctly. Tips for improving confidence are;

  • Don’t be afraid.
  • Deep breathing helps to relax yourself.
  • Make eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Stay positive during the whole process.
  • Imagine yourself succeeding.

7.  Know the company

One must know about the history and background of the company. You can get that knowledge from company website or any friend who is already working in that company. you must be aware of background and activities of the company.

8. Interview 

This is the most important step to Crack campus recruitment of IT company. It is generally face to face interaction between representatives of the employer and candidates. It sometimes happens through video conferencing also. It is generally conducted in two rounds.

9. Technical round

In this round, technical skills of candidate are tested by the technical experts of the company. They may include programming skills, DBMS, data structures or any other skill as per the requirement of the employer. For example, they may ask the candidate to write  a program, perform normalization of tables or draw a project model on paper along with asking questions related to the subject. One can test his knowledge by taking online tests from certain websites. Most popular websites for testing your knowledge are:

10. HR round

In this round, HR experts of company interact with the students to know about their character, general intelligence and their vision about the job. During the HR round, it is always better for the candidate to keep calm. There are few websites which provide information about different questions asked by the HR experts and their perspective answers. They are:


In this articles tips have been give to crack campus recruitment of IT company. It includes professional resume,  aptitude, programming skills, DBMS skills and how to crack the interview. Links to different websites have been given so that students can test their skills online and get ready for interview.

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