4 Tips to deal with cyber bullying

4 Tips to deal with cyber bullying

This article provides you Tips to deal with cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is an activity in which some one tries to hurt you. He can do it by abusing, making negative comments about you, stealing your public profile and picture, tampering with it and presenting it publicly to defame you by using any of the following means:

  • Using social media platform including Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such tools.
  • Sending text messages on your phone.
  • Making calls to your phone.
  • Dropping e-mails in your inbox.

Cyber bullying is basically done by criminal minded people to hurt others to satisfy their egos.

Tips to deal with cyber bullying are:

1. Save the conversation

If some bullies you on some social media platform. You must save the conversation. You can use it later as a legal proof against them.

Similarly if are bullied on phone call, you should record the telephonic conversation between you and the bully for same purpose. There are different types of call recording software available on Google Playstore.Block the account

Every social media app has the features to block others so that they can’t see your profile or conversate with you. You should use this feature block others immediately if you are bulleyed by some one on social media platform.

You can block someone from facebook , instagram and Whatsapp by clicking at  names of apps.

In case of fake SMS or call, you can blacklist the phone number so that you will not receive any communication from the sender.

2. Use Report option

In case of any thing wrong you can use the Report option available on almost every social media app. It sends a message to the server that some one is doing malicious things on the app. If they find something wrong they will permanently block the user on the application.

You can use this option on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp by clicking on the names of apps.

3. Discuss your problem

There is a survey that says that children and teenagers are the top victims of cyber bullying. You must talk to your parents or elders if you are a student or teenager facing such problem. Your elders are more mature to suggest you right action in such situations. Hiding your problem from them will only increase your problem.

4. Take legal action

You can take legal action if you are finding unable to handle the situation. There are laws against bullying on internet. You can take help of local police against such wrong doers if you want.


This article contains Tips to deal with cyber bullying. These tips include saving your conversation with the bully for legal use, blocking , Use report option, discussing your problem with elders and taking legal action against such cases.

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