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Scope of variable in C

Scope is the lifetime of variables. Variables have two types depending upon scope.

  • Local variable
  • Global variable

 a.  Local variable

Variable inside a function is called local variable. It exists only within the function in which it is declared.

 b. Global variable

Variable declared before all functions is known as global variable. Value of global variable exists throughout the program. Changes made to them have effect during entire program execution.

int a=10; /*global variable*/
void show()
printf(“\nGlobal variable in show() %d”,a);
int main()
{int k=50; /*Local variable*/printf(“Local variable in main=%d”,k);
printf(“Global variable in main()=%d”,a);
printf(“Global variable in main()=%d”,a);
Local variable in main=50
Global variable in main() =10
Global variable in function a=11
Global variable in main() a=12

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