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Precedence and Associativity of Operators in C

Precedence is the priority assigned to operators. When more than one operator appears in an expression, they will be evaluated as per their precedence.

In expression 10+6/2, division operator (/) has more priority than addition operator (+), so 6/2 will be evaluated followed by adding 10 the the result of 6/2  i.e. 3.

Associativity is the way to specify the order when operators of same precedence appear in expression.

Table of Precedence and Associativity

1(), []Left to Right
2!, ~, ++, –, Unary +, Unary -, *, &, (type), sizeof() )Right to Left
3*, /, %Left to Right
4+ , –Left to Right
5<< , >>Left to Right
6<, <= , > , >=Left to Right
7= =, !=Left to Right
8&Left to Right
9^Left to Right
10|Left to Right
11&&Left to Right
12 ||Left to Right
13?:Right to Left
14=, +=, -=, /=, *=, ^=, !=, ,=, >>=Left to Right
15COMMA OPERATOR(,)Left to Right

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