Class 10 AI Communication Skills Notes – 1 | Methods of Communication

Class 10 AI Communication Skills Notes – 1 | Methods of Communication

1. What is communication?

Communication is the process of sharing information between two or more persons through speaking, listening and understanding.

2. What are different methods of communication?

There are 3 methods of communication

  • Verbal
  • Non verbal
  • Visual

3. What is verbal communication?

Verbal communication is the process in which people use words to share information with each other

4. What are types of verbal communication?

There are two types of verbal communication:

i. Oral communication: In oral communication people speak words to share information

ii. Written communication: In written communication information is shared through written words. It is considered more reliable and effective than oral communication

5. How can we improve oral communication?

  • By reading out loud
  • Make audio recording of our reading and see where we need to improve.
  • By taking part in public speaking activities.

6.How can we improve written communication?

  • Learn and you use new words.
  • Learn proper spellings of words and use them correctly.
  • Use proper tenses while writing.

7. What is intrapersonal communication?

It is the conversation with oneself. It is the private communication.

8. What is interpersonal communication?

In this form of communication information is exchanged between two individuals. This is the most common type of communication when we talk to our friends, family or relationships.

9. What is dyadic communication?

This type of communication takes place between two people. For example two friends talking face to face with each other.

10. What is small group communication?

This communication happens when more than two people are involved in communication but the group is small.

11. What is public communication?

in this type of communication an individual address is a large group of people.

12. What are functions of verbal communication?

  • To maintain relationships.
  • To organize ideas and experiences.
  • To reward and punish.

13. What is non-verbal communication?

This type of communication happens in the absence of words. It can happen by body movement, gestures, facial expressions, by using symbols images etc.

14. What are functions of non verbal communication?

  • To emphasize verbal communication.
  • To replace verbal communication easily recognizable gestures like movement of hands, head etc.
  • For communicating emotions.
  • For giving feedback to others.

15. What are different non verbal  practices to be followed during an interview

  • Maintain eye contact with interviewer.
  • Be polite.
  • Don’t be too loud or too quiet.
  • Don’t interrupt the interviewer.
  • Be attentive to whatever the interviewer is asking or  saying.

16. What is visual communication?

Visual communication is the way to share information that can be seen through eyes. We can use images, maps, charts, diagrams, films, posters, books etc. for visual communication.

17.  What points should be considered while making a presentation?

  • Content should be suitable for presentation.
  • Fonts should be easily readable.
  • Content should be presented in a logical manner.
  • There should not be very large information on slides
  • Don’t use multiple graphs.
  • Unnecessary animations effects, 3D charts and other elements should be avoided.
  • Avoid very bright and dull colours in presentation.

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