Class 10 AI Communication Skills Notes -4 | Effective Communication

Class 10 AI Communication Skills Notes -4 | Effective Communication

1. What do you mean by effective communication ?

It is the communication in which message is received and understood by the receiver in the same manner in which sender sends the message.

2. What are goals of effective communication?

  • For building trust
  • For changing behaviour
  • Acquiring information

3. What are key factors of effective communication?

  • Content: It is the language used for communication. For effective communication, proper words and sentences must be used.
  • Process: It is the way in which message is delivered. For effective communication, message is conveyed using both verbal and non verbal techniques.
  • Context: It refers to the situation or environment in which message is conveyed.

4. Why is the content of message important?

Content of message is very important because use of wrong words and sentences may confuse the receiver.

5. What are 7C’s of communication?

7C’s of communication are seven principles of communication as:

i. Clear: Message should be clear i.e. it should be free from complex words, sentences and confusing language.

ii. Concise: Message should be to the point. Unnecessary details should be avoided.

iii. Concrete:  The message should be supported by facts to avoid doubts.

iv. Correct: The message must be accurate. For that , correct language  should be used.

v. Coherent: Message must be logical and make sense to the receiver.

vi. Complete: Message must provide complete and relevant information .

vii. Courteous: Message should convey respect for the receiver.

6. What are advantages of effective communication?

  • It reduces misunderstanding
  • It creates a comfortable environment.
  • It builds trust.
  • It increases self respect.
  • It improves relationship with others.

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