cin statement in C++ | Read input in C++


cin statement in C++ | Read input in C++

cin stands for console input.  cin statement in C++ is used to read input from keyboard. cin is an instance of the istream

It can be used to read value of a variable.

It is followed by extraction operator (>>) followed by a variable whose value you want to read.

The header file required is <iostream>. You also need to use std namespace use cin statement.



Here, val refers to the variable whose value you want to read .

//Program to demonstrate the use of cin statement.

using namespace std;
int main()
int i;
double d;
char c;  
cout<<"Enter an int value=";
cout<<"Enter a double value=";
cout<<"Enter a char value=";
cout<<"\nint value="<<i;
cout<<"\ndouble value="<<d;
cout<<"\nchar value="<<c;
return 0;


Enter an int value=45
Enter a double type  value=5.85
Enter a character value=*
int value=455
double value=5.85
char value=*

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