Class 12 Interface Python with MySQL MCQ | Interface Python with MySQL Quiz Class 12


Class 12 Interface Python with MySQL MCQ | Interface Python with MySQL Quiz Class 12

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Class 12 Interface Python with MySQL MCQ Quiz

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A DELETE or UPDATE or INSERT query require commit() of to make changes in the database.

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The cursor.rowcount() returns how many rows has been fetched through fetch..() methods from the cursor.

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The cursor.rowcount gives the count of records in the result.

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The SQLquery upon execution via established database connection return chunks.

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With creation of a database connection object from within a Python program database starts.

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______ method executes a database query from within Python.

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______ method create a cursor from within Python.

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_______ SQL query can be used to insert a record in database table through Python code.

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A connectivity package such as _____ must be imported before writing database connectivity Python code.

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The running of SQL query through  database cursor results into all the records returned in the form of ______.

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The ______ returns how many rows have been fetched using various fetch methods.

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After establishing database connection, database _____ is created so that the SQL query may execute through it to obtain resultset.

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After importing mysql.connector, first of all ___ ___ is established using connect().

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The ____ refers to a logical set of records that are fetched from the database by executing an SQL query and made available to the application program.

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A ___ ___ is a special control structure that facilitates the row by row processing of records in the Resultset, i.e. the set of records retrieved as per query.

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A database ___ ___ controls the connection to the database. It represents a unique session with a database connected from within a script/program.

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To reflect the changes made in the database permanently, you need to run <connection>. ______ method.

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To run an SQL query from within Python, you may use <cursor>. ______ method.

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To fetch multiple record from the resultset, you may use <cursor>. ______  method.

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To fetch one record from the resultset, you may use <cursor>. ______  method.

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To obtain all the records retrieved, you may use <cursor> _____ method .

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Which of the following is not a legal method for fetching records from database from within Python ?

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____ method is used to close database connection in Python code.

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The set of records retrieved after executing an SQL query over an established database connection is called ___.

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A database must exist before establishing a database connection with it using Python code.

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In order to open a connection with MYSQL database from within Python using mysql.connector package, ___ function is used.

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